Bom Dia Algarve -- A Sampling

The Algarve Region of Portugal has been high on my list of itineraries.  Hence my delight that our UK walking partner introduced a program in the Algarve a few years ago and we at Great Circle Route added it in 2015.  It has proven to be a fabulous holiday setting -- the walking is excellent for every fitness level -- easy to moderate and thoroughly enjoyable due to the friendly terrain, the abundance and variety of interesting native trees and plants, the lessening of the crowds during the early spring and autumn periods, the stunning geological formations along the coast, the lush mountains, friendly people and great food!  At times it felt surreal to be looking out at the beautiful cliffs and the expansive sandy beaches and the Atlantic Ocean - and not wanting it to end ever!

And if that wasn't enough, our group was great too!  We may not have seen eye to eye on everything in life but that added to the banter dynamics and camaraderie.  Though we did agree without a doubt -- that this beautiful land left us invigorated and definitely wanting to return.

A few fun cusine traditions -- starters of local dishes including olives, goat cheese, sardine pate and bread.  Portuguese bread is similar to Italian but a bit thicker and moister with a harder crust like French bread.  Their wines are mild and pleasant - not overbearing at all and they complement the traditional fish that is always fresh and cooked to perfection.  During one of our lunch stops near Rogil we stopped at Museu da Batata Doce (translated as the Sweet Potato Museum).  There you could order sweet potatoes in any variation - crisps, bread, sweets, and soups!

A very enjoyable holiday!





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