These Terms & Conditions govern the relationship between us, Great Circle Route LLC and you, our customer.  By booking a trip with Great Circle Route LLC, you agree to be bound by these Terms and Conditions.  If you are making a group booking, you must accept the terms of these booking conditions on behalf of your party.  Please read this document carefully.  If you have any questions or require clarification, please do not hesitate to contact us.
Mission.  Great Circle Route  offers the traveler opportunities to tour global footpaths for enjoyment and exercise, responsibly and at a reasonable value.  Our holidays are designed to combine walking with historic, cultural and scenic highlights of the areas through which we travel.  To achieve this goal, we have assembled partnerships with validated businesses in the walking holiday industry with the experience and proven track records consistent with these objectives.
Website Information.  We believe the information on the website and any brochures is accurate at the time of publication.  All information and descriptions are based upon the latest information available and are given in good faith.  Every care is taken to ensure accuracy.  Between brochure publication and your holiday, changes can and do occur.  We reserve the right to alter the information, prices and itineraries on the website before acceptance of a booking and will communicate with our customers to ensure they are fully informed if and when there are alterations.  We are not responsible for any misunderstandings if a customer does not read or understand the information presented.  
Prices.  The prices quoted for holidays are for land only.  All prices are based upon current tariffs, currency values and on the basis of a minimum number of participants and are correct and current at the time of publication (website and brochures).  These prices are subject to confirmation at the time of booking.  Should there be any changes, you will be notified prior to making a reservation.   International travel arrangements are subject to foreign currency fluctuations.  Consequently, though rarely necessary, prices quoted may be subject to an adjustment but will be made prior to the final payment due date.
Quotes, Bookings & Payment.  To make a booking we ask that you first request a quote which can easily be done online by completing the Request A Quote Form.  If you prefer, you can contact us through email or by telephone and we will send you the form.  We can also take your quote request over the telephone.

  • Upon our receipt, we check availability, confirm the current prices which may change due to supplier pricing changes or currency fluctuations since our prices were published, and furnish you with a detailed quote.

  • The quoted prices are valid and held for a period of seven (7) days for you to review and accept the holiday quote.

  • The next step is for you to accept the quote and remit the deposit of $400 per person, per holiday to secure your reservation. We then furnish you with a confirmation number and final invoice, and proceed to make all the arrangements for your holiday.

Payment of your deposit indicates your acceptance of these terms and conditions.  Deposits are applied to payment of the full holiday price.  Full payment must be made to Great Circle Route at least 65 days before the holiday commences.   For bookings made less than 65 days before the holiday commences, payment in full is required.  If full payment is not received by the final payment due date, your place cannot be guaranteed on the holiday.  We accept payment in the form of credit card through PayPal, by personal check, and transfers direct to our bank.  Upon your receipt of the confirmation number, we advise you to make your arrangements for traveling from the USA to the destination to safeguard availability and reasonable pricing.  Travel and medical insurance should be obtained at this juncture as well.
Changes By You.  If you wish to make any changes after your booking has been confirmed, we will always do our best to accommodate any reasonable request for changes to your holiday.  Contact us with your desired changes and then confirm your request in writing.  The individual requesting the change must be the same individual on the original booking.  If there are any costs associated with the change, we reserve the right to discuss these with you and levy a charge according to the costs incurred.  
Changes By Us.  All our holidays are personally researched and vetted by us and are carefully planned and arranged many months in advance and we endeavor to adhere to the itinerary as much as possible.   Occasionally we may have to make changes, most of which are minor.  We will advise you of any changes known at the time of booking.  However, there may be certain conditions (political, climatic, environmental, cultural) necessitating changes in the itinerary; we reserve the right to make changes due to such unforeseen circumstances.  In the unlikely event that we have to make changes to a holiday after a booking has been confirmed, we reserve the right to change the itinerary or accommodation at a minimum to an equal level of service as in the original itinerary.   Daily itinerary changes due to severe weather, dangerous footpaths, transport problems or other technical difficulties are at the discretion of the holiday leader.  The safety and comfort of our guests is our primary concern.
Cancellation By You.  Should you or any member of your party wish to cancel your holiday, please notify us as soon as possible in writing.  The cancellation will take effect from the date that such written notice is received by Great Circle Route and must be signed by the same individual making the original booking.  Since we incur costs in cancelling your travel arrangements, charges will be assessed as follows for cancellations:

Cancellations Received More than 65 days before holiday begins: Cancellation charge of $200.00 per person
Cancellation Received Day 65 to day 35 before holiday begins:   Cancellation charge of 60% loss of holiday price
Cancellation Received Day 34 to day 21 before holiday begins:      Cancellation charge of 80% loss of holiday price
Cancellation Received 20 or fewer days before the holiday begins: Cancellation charge of 100% loss of holiday price

Cancellation By Us.  In the unlikely event that the advertised holiday is cancelled, we will offer an alternative tour or refund all monies in full.  There are some holidays with a minimum number of bookings required and we reserve the right to cancel in the event of insufficient number of bookings.  Holidays in the United Kingdom will usually run with a minimum of two persons.  There is no minimum for all other European holidays as a general rule.  We cannot be held responsible for cancellations due to situations beyond our control, such as war, threat of war, riot, civil strife and any other force majeure.
Travel Insurance.  Great Circle Route strongly recommends the purchase of travel insurance to protect your travel investment against unexpected events that may occur before or during a trip.  This will help protect you in case you have cancelled plans due to personal reasons, damaged or lost luggage or unforeseen medical expenses.  
Medical Insurance (Affiliate Flow Down).  All customers are required to furnish proof of medical insurance within five (5) days of acceptance or confirmation of your holiday booking.  Your medical insurance must cover all medical fees incurred by the customer including evacuation to the USA.  Typically, private health insurance in the USA provides for this coverage and can be supplemented by a travel insurance policy.  We will need your policy number, insuring company name, and emergency contact information.  If you fail to advise us of your insurance details we reserve the right to cancel the reservation without notice, subject to applicable cancellation fees. 
Health and Fitness.  Bookings are accepted on the understanding that when you reserve a holiday with us you are in good health, capable of walking without assistance, and have an appropriate level of fitness to complete the holiday.  We walk between 2 and 10 miles per day with plenty of time for relaxation and sightseeing.   We would ask you to inform us if you suffer from any physical or emotional conditions which may require professional attention during the trip.  We also ask you to let us know if you have previous heart conditions, or suffer from angina. This will help your guides to effectively plan a safe and enjoyable holiday for you.  We reserve the right to decline any trip participant whose condition, in our opinion, may affect the health, safety or enjoyment of other participants.  Neither Great Circle Route nor its affiliates/partners are responsible for the quality of medical care or costs of any medical treatment you may require during the trip.  Travel Insurance is recommended to protect your investment from those unforeseen medical circumstances that may arise before or during your trip.
Accommodations.  All accommodations are en-suite and are classified in the superior tourist class (3 star) or better.  For single travelers who require a single room, there may be a supplement if we are charged one, but we try to secure as many accommodations that do not employ a single supplement.  You will know in advance if this is the case.  Please note that in many countries and excluding the United States, single rooms are smaller than two person rooms and can be more costly on a per person basis.  Triple rooms and larger also tend to be more costly on a per person basis and may comprise a double room with an extra bed.
Travel Documents.  You must have the proper documents to ensure entry and exit to and from all international destinations.  For U.S. Citizens traveling to Europe, it is recommended that your passport have at least six (6) months validity remaining beyond the date of completion of the holiday and ensure that there are a sufficient number of blank pages in your passport (usually 4 to 6).  Obtaining or renewing a passport through regular channels can take up to three (3) months (there are companies that can expedite the passport process but price may be doubled).  If your holiday requires a visa or other entry documents, we will furnish you with the appropriate information; it is then your responsibility for obtaining the necessary documents.  You may consult the U.S. Department of State’s website at http://travel.state.gov for the most current country requirements.  If you are not a U.S. Citizen, please contact your embassy or consulate to ensure you obtain the proper documentation.  
Conduct (Affiliate Flow Down).   We reserve the unconditional right to refuse a customer’s participation on any walk if it is considered that they are either a personal danger to themselves or may endanger others on the walks.  Furthermore, on active group holiday it is necessary that you abide by the authority of the leader, who represents the company. If you commit any illegal act when on the holiday or if in the reasonable opinion of the leader your behavior is disruptive, threatening or abusive, or is causing or likely to cause danger, distress or annoyance to others, we may terminate your travel arrangements without any liability on our part.  Cancellation charges of 100%  applies in these circumstances.
Complaints.  If you have a complaint during your holiday, you must notify our management, leader or local representative immediately and they will do their best to resolve the problem.  If for some reason the problem is not immediately resolved to your satisfaction, you should send a written complaint to our USA office within 15 days of the end of your holiday.  Please furnish full details.  All complaints will be investigated and customers kept informed.  We aim to settle all complaints amicably.
Great Circle Route Responsibility for the Protection of Payments.  Great Circle Route ensures that your initial deposit and prepayments made by customers for services not yet rendered are protected in accordance with client managed accounting and banking procedures.  Flight Program prepayments are also protected by partner regulatory insurance requirements.
Force Majeure.  We cannot accept any liability or pay any compensation where the performance or prompt performance of our contractual obligations is prevented or affected by, or you otherwise suffer any damage or loss as a result of, force majeureForce majeure means any event which we, or the supplier of the service(s) in question, could not, even with all due care, foresee or avoid.  Such events include war or threat of war, riots, civil strife, terrorist activities, industrial disputes, fire, natural or nuclear disasters, adverse weather conditions and all similar events outside our control.
Responsibility Statement and Liability Disclaimer.  We promise that your holiday arrangements will be made, performed or provided with reasonable skill and care.  Great Circle Route organizes, promotes, and sells holiday programs consisting of certain travel services that Great Circle Route may purchase or reserve from various professional suppliers/tour operators.   The supplier/tour operator acts only as an agent for the respective suppliers by making arrangements for transportation, accommodations, and other services.  Great Circle Route does not own or operate any of its affiliates or suppliers; these affiliates and suppliers are independent contractors and are not agents or employees of Great Circle Route.  Therefore, Great Circle Route is not responsible for any negligent or willful act or failure to act of any affiliate or supplier or of any third party.  Without limitation, Great Circle Route is not responsible for any injury, loss, or damage to person or property, death, delay, or inconvenience in connection with the provision of, or failure to provide, any goods or services occasioned by or resulting from - but not limited to - acts of God or force majeure, acts of war or civil unrest, insurrection or revolt, strikes or other labor activities, criminal or terrorist activities of any kind, overbooking or downgrading of accommodations, mechanical or other failure of airplanes or other means of transportation or for the failure of any transportation mechanism to arrive or depart on time, sanitation problems, lack of medical care, or for any other cause beyond the direct control of Great Circle Route.  Great Circle Route and the tour operator reserve the right, without penalty, to make changes in the published itinerary whenever, in their judgment, conditions warrant, or if they deem it necessary for the comfort, convenience, or safety of tour participants.  Great Circle Route and the tour operator also reserve the right, without penalty, to withdraw the tour announced, to decline to accept any person as a participant in a tour, or to require any participant to withdraw from the tour at any time, when such action is determined by tour staff to be in the best interests of the health, safety or general welfare of the tour group or the individual participant, subject only to the requirement that the recoverable portion of the total amount paid that corresponds to the cost of unused services and accommodations be refunded, if any.  If your tour does not include airfare, it is your responsibility to purchase transportation (usually airline tickets or train transport) as soon as your holiday reservation has been confirmed by Great Circle Route.  Great Circle Route and the tour operator accept no liability for the purchase of non-refundable airline tickets to/from the tour departure city if a tour is canceled or otherwise modified subsequent to the participant’s purchase of those tickets. Baggage and personal effects are at all times the sole responsibility of the participant.
Waiver.  Great Circle Route shall not be liable and does not assume responsibility for any claims, damages, expenses, or other financial loss whether to person or property arising out of injury, accident, death, cancellation, delay, alteration, or inconvenience resulting from any act of omission, inadvertence of any accommodation owner or manager, carrier, restaurant, or other company or business or person rendering any of the services included in the tour or caused by weather, sickness, strikes, quarantines, or the willful or negligent acts of any other tour members or any cause whatsoever beyond the control of Great Circle Route or its affiliates/partners.
Holiday Arrival & Departure Details.  Please review your holiday’s designated start and end locations when making your travel arrangements as they differ for each itinerary.  We will require your flight details (or other transport means) to schedule arrival and departure pickups or transfers.   In some cases, we have flexibility and will be happy to coordinate alternative locations should we have sufficient advanced notice and there is no cost impact.
Sustainability.  We support, where applicable, the concepts of responsible and sustainable tourism.  Our trip will involve the use of in-country and local industries for all our visiting needs whenever feasible and possible.