Great Circle Route offers guided walking / hiking holiday tours in select United Kingdom and European destinations.  We have designed our holidays to engage travelers in our passion for walking while exploring the culture, history, gardens and natural landscapes along Europe’s footpaths.  We love to walk, whether it is in the enchanting Cotswold countryside, along the breathtaking Cornwall coast, up one of the best Mediterranean hill walks along Mallorca’s Archduke Trail, through beautiful and diverse gardens, or through time by exploring ancient standing stones and ruined castles.

  • Our holidays are themed around exploring each destination’s unique sites, gardens, villages and natural landscapes – by foot.

  • Our holidays are designed for small groups, couples and solo travelers.

  • We want our guests to delight in the regions in which we walk and to enjoy the social ambiance that comes from sharing these interests.

  • We enjoy the physical and mental benefits that walking empowers.

  • We want our holidays to be at a reasonable and responsible cost to our guests.

Kew Gardens, Great Circle Route Guided Walks

Solo Travelers

Great Circle Route is ideal for solo travelers.  We understand all the nuances of traveling alone – the pros (no arguments on where to eat) and the cons (finding a toilet large enough for all your luggage and you) so we take care of all the logistics and details so you can enjoy your holiday.

If you and your partner do not share a love of walking or are on different schedules, we can offer you the camaraderie of a group setting without the usual expense that comes with traveling solo.  We arrange for single rooms in all locations for our solo travelers and only charge a single supplement if we are charged a supplement.