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We are always learning new places and regularly update our approaches so that we can provide positive, lasting memories at a reasonable and responsible cost.  We want our travelers to immerse themselves in the surroundings of the beautiful countryside, rather than passively observing through a bus window.  Our goal is to make sure there is the opportunity to see and learn as much as possible while on tour, from the obscure and quaint (finding caves with Neolithic paintings, the newly uncovered Roman fort ruins, memorial stones with Celtic symbols) to the big ticket locations that everyone must see (like Buckingham Palace in London, the Louvre in Paris, the Colosseum in Rome, and the Acropolis in Athens).  We aim to dig into the country’s past and explore the facets that make the areas we visit what they are today.  Great Circle Route’s tours are being developed to do all these things and to offer travelers from the United States a unique opportunity to explore the footpaths of the world.   We make our travelers’ experiences our first priority, as we hope to make them lifelong ramblers who return to join us on our new adventures, as they become available.  We will continue to work with our global partners to make sure that those adventures expand and are consistent with our goal to provide unforgettably good and reasonably priced experiences.

Our Team


Our team is comprised of the core individuals who research potential activities and locations for our itineraries who also double in providing administrative and digital expertise.  We have travel experience - a lot of experience - and as importantly, we have a love of history and learning about our destinations and what makes them uniquely suited for our holidays.  We develop our itineraries personally -- we seek to balance the walks, the garden visits and the sightseeing activities to ensure that we take advantage of the opportunities afforded us in the areas we visit and we strive to ensure our days are full and fun, while not being overwhelming.  Our guide team includes leaders from Great Circle Route as well as our European partners who have an average of over 30 years experience in the guided walking business.  They also have a depth of knowledge of their own country that gives our tours a unique and decided edge.  And because our holiday groups often join our partner group during many walks, we get an insider's look which has proven to be a bonus for our guests.  Many groups consist of solo travelers and couples as are the groups we join.   There is plenty to exchange in the way of culture and customs -- a lively time by all is par for the course.



The vacation was truly a paradise for us and I cant thank you enough for all you did to make it happen. You tended to all those details, and your care showed. It was truly a magical time.
— Jane M
Very satisfied. Website noted the sun and wildflowers and after a long, hard winter, it was what I wanted. You stick to the walks and don’t steer group to shops. It was a great trip.
— Susan N
Majorque était un séjour très agréable - la marche était bien dirigée et difficile mais pas trop difficile. Les guides ont été superbes et ont bien géré les différents niveaux.
— Marcel N